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“George delivers a poetic portrait of the American landscape from the vantage point of a boxcar. It’s a landscape of immense beauty both natural and man-made; an impressionistic blur of light, shadow, colors, and shapes and faces whizzing by.”
– Jonathan Perry, The Boston Globe

“A lyrical meditation upon a vanishing American lifestyle, it’s history, lore, and traditions and the attraction it continues to hold for young people today, especially those who have not found a niche in conventional society or are seeking an alternative to our increasingly numbing and monolithic consumer culture.”
– James Verniere, The Boston Herald

“With a lovely eye and a sensibility that draws pertinent details from her subjects, Sarah George captures the life of the modern hobo, a new breed of train hoppers who are young, often environmentally concerned, articulate, and intentional rather than accidental dropouts from American society.”
– The Austin Chronicle

“…accompanied by an impressive original score by singer/songwriter Pete Droge, George’s film soars with a dizzying visual beauty so eloquently realized that her film finally emerges almost like a transcendental experience; a completely absorbing meditation on the quest for true liberty.”
– Palm Springs International Film Festival

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