Catching Out

  • March 07, 2013

CATCHING OUT is a feature documentary about a handful of hobos who dissent against mainstream American consumer culture by traveling for free on freight trains. The film features a seasoned eco-activist named Lee, a young nomad named Jessica, and a tramp couple known as Switch and Baby Girl. In three interwoven stories, we follow these trainhoppers as they navigate between the constraints of society and the freedom of the road.

After premiering at the Seattle International Film Festival in 2002, I took the film on a self-styled distribution tour, hopping freight trains between screenings across North America. A DIY European tour followed in 2003. (see Solo Artist + Euro Tour posts for more on those adventures)

CATCHING OUT has entertained audiences at over 50 theatrical venues including Film Forum in New York City and a castle in Poland! The film aired on the Sundance Channel, was released on DVD by Microcinema International and is currently streaming onĀ Amazon.