photo by David Alexander Nash

Dwayne’s Photo

DWAYNE’S PHOTO is a documentary portrait of Dwayne Steinle, the founder of Dwayne’s Photo in Parsons, Kansas. In this short film, we discover how his family-run lab in the middle of the American heartland came to develop the last treasured rolls of Kodachrome film – marking the end of an era of popular photography that began in 1935.

Dwayne’s story is part of 94 ELEMENTS a global cross-media storytelling project about the 94 naturally occurring elements in the periodic table. Dwayne gives us a human story behind the element of Silver.

And what other element is more emotionally connected to the human story than silver? As the essential substance for capturing light on film, silver has illuminated our personal memories and our communal dreams: silver made visual storytelling accessible to all. But, now, as we transition to a digital world, we are witnessing the vanishing of film as a medium of art and expression.

While 94 ELEMENTS is a decidedly digital project, DWAYNE’S PHOTO was shot entirely on film. I initially thought of it as an elegy, but I hope it is not my last chance to plumb the depths of pure black, embrace analog ambiance, and enjoy the poetry of inherent imperfections.

DWAYNE’S PHOTO was successfully funded via Kickstarter, and I’m eternally grateful to all of my generous backers! I look forward to sharing the film with you soon!

*photo credit: David Alexander Nash